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The Get Hired Mid-Career Formula

"Before we started our work together, what I got most was rejection from companies or types of roles that I was aiming at, flat-out rejection as in no conversation.

After working with Danielle, I interviewed with 12 companies, got to the offer stage with 4, and landed an opportunity with a great company with a great track record. They fought for me which gave me a wonderful feeling because they were willing to start with great numbers to begin with... and there was a last-minute negotiation piece that Danielle helped me with and they agreed to everything. I'm ready to get started and show the value that I bring!"

- Gilad

Landed a Senior Product Manager Role with global company in Tech Industry

"I was starting to feel panicked after 4 months of job search, I was doing a lot but nothing was happening...

Working with Danielle changed it all! Having a live human to work with you and coach you... it will pay for itself, I can't say enough, best investment I've ever made, I'm so grateful, thanks Danielle!"

- Kristen

Landed an exciting role in 51 days, as marketing leader


"Before working with Danielle, I had about 50 interviews, no offers. After exploring options with 5 other coaches, I decided to hire her.

Her expertise in strategically answering interview questions is unmatched, and thanks to her guidance, I not only landed a job offer but a VP position in a digital role!"

- Devin

Landed a promoted VP role

(Digital Marketing)

"Before I started her program, I was feeling so discouraged with my job search. I had sent out countless applications and wasn't getting any responses.

But then, along came Danielle and everything changed! She helped me revamp my resume to really showcase my skills and experience in a way that made me stand out from the crowd and it helped me land a job and get promoted in less than 60 days!"

- Brian

Landed a promoted role as Brand Manager


I'm so happy for my new opportunity! I was stuck at the same level for 5 years prior to securing this role.

I was able to negotiate a higher salary and bonus, thanks to the program and coaching... thanks for all your support and guidance Danielle" !

- Gustavo

Landed a growth role as Finance Director

(Fortune 500 Company)

"Before working with Danielle, I was not getting the responses I was hoping to get during my job search.

After working with Danielle, my resume got responses from the same companies that I applied to with no luck using my old resume. My cover letter approach is now much more informed. My answers to interview questions are now more thought out."

- Derek

Landed a growth role as a Sales Manager


"Danielle is very knowledgeable and has developed a solid program that is easy to follow. Her background definitely helps you develop your resume, LinkedIn, and overall brand.

My biggest transformation was learning how to use AI to help with my resume and LinkedIn profile. How to set up the LinkedIn search engine to mine the specific jobs you are looking for, and to help recruiters find you.

The one one-on-one coaching sessions were very helpful."

- Sam

Landed a Chief Operating Officer role after layoff

(Automotive Industry)

"Prior to engaging in Danielle's program, I submitted over 600 job applications online and received over 100 rejection emails.

After meeting Danielle, she helped me update my resume which was now an 85-94% match to my target role and I landed a contract job the day we had our first conversation!"

- Julie

Landed a new exciting role in 4 days after layoff

(Senior Instructional Designer)

"Before working with Danielle I was just filling out applications and wasn't being successful.

Having somebody talk me through the process and do all the proper steps helped me be successful.

After updating my LinkedIn profile, I noticed people were reaching out TO ME, not me having to find everybody... it was awesome!

It was a benefit to talk through with Danielle who is not just a coach but somebody who has been in different roles in her career and coaching me with that real experience"

- Tom

Transitioned role & industry

Business Analyst to Distribution Analyst (CPG to Pharma)

"After taking a year off to enjoy myself, I found myself struggling to get back into the job market. Despite doing training and obtaining certifications, I wasn't having much success.

Working with Danielle, her keen eye and attention to detail allowed her to identify areas of improvement in my profile, background, and resume that I had overlooked. With her help, with my job search, I was able to land a Project Manager role."

- Kevin H.

Landed a Project Manager role


"Before working with Danielle, I was completely overwhelmed and couldn't figure out my priorities. With Danielle's coaching and advice, I heard back from the company I had applied to in less than 8 hours! Her cover letter method is very effective and applied perfectly well to my case.

With the help of Danielle, I managed to get a job and her follow-up during the interview process was more than precious!"

- Estelle B.

Landed a growth role

(Digital Marketing in Home Improvement Retail)

"Before I started working with her, I was feeling frustrated and stuck, struggling to land interviews that matched my experience outside of the US. But after teaming up with Danielle, everything changed for the better.

Now, I am ecstatic to say that I'm receiving multiple interview invitations every single week and have even secured multiple job offers, including one that meets my target compensation."

- Bernie G.

Landed a Director role


DISCLAIMER: The results shared in this training are our personal results and in some cases reflect the results of previous or existing clients. Please understand these results are not typical. We’re not implying you’ll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). The average person watching “how to” information training gets little to no results. The results shared are used for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors including but not limited to your experience, skills, and consistent effort and action-taking.

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